Did you know

that Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in March of 1876? Happy 134th birthday telephone :-)

Since the telephone is sort of our Hello Ladies Mascot (coolest inanimate object mascot everrr) I thought we should celebrate.I'm going to share some of my fav telephone pictures and telephone related finds from etsy with you!

This A-MAZING brass telephone charm necklace found in ninexmuse's shop

p.s. There is also a SUPER cute record player charm necklace like this telephone one. You should totally check out this shop because the merch is to die for!

Check out these kitsch-y telephone earrings in Sypria's shop. (psst...she's an Arkansas gal :-) we love locals)

Here are some inspiring phone pics that make you wish you had something to talk on the phone about AND a cool phone to talk about it on.

*these were found via weheartit.com keyword "telephone"*

Love ya!


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