Check out these Blogs ... pt 1

Moving on the with fun - who loves new blogs???? I do - here are some that I love.

Where do I find most of my inspiration???? Other people's blogs. The blogs don't have to be ONLY crafts for me to be inspired, it could be the family, or the photos that inspire me to do better and be better. So here are a few that you should totally check out, some I have been blog stalking.....I mean following for years, and some are more recent finds. Have fun!


This one I have been reading for YEARS. I love it SO much! Elsie is crazy amazing, and it's been an amazing journey that I've taken with her through her blog.


Another one I have followed for several years. Filled with recipes and heart, this is a MUST on your google reader. 


As soon as I saw the name of the blog, I knew I would LOVE it, and I do. Also one of my Indie Biz friends.... HI!!   :-)


This blog has the most amazing pics! I drool everytime I click on there.


She makes the CUTEST softies out there! LOVE them!


One of my new finds, I love the feel of the blog.  :)


I've been following Rachel for a couple of years now, I love her use of vintage fabric, and her family is SUPER cute!


Another new find is another Indie Biz friend who make the CUTEST headbands in all the world.  :-)


Another wealth of craft knowledge in a blog. Check it out!



Katie Trott said...

I love all these blogs! Most of which I haven't seen before. Now I have a great way to spend my evening. That is after my 3 beauties get to bed!

righteousnessbyfaith said...

thanks for sharing! I can't wait to look at these- the glimpse you gave already has me excited!
And just like you Katie- after my three sweeties go to bed, I'll be blog hopping now! ;)

FYI- i am having a sale in my shop- check it

windy said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite Ladies and bloggers!!

Krista Eitsert said...

OMG. You have no idea how excited I am that you linked to me. Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoy my blog ;)

I definitely need to check out the other blogs you mentioned, they look great.

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