So it begins..... Happy B-Day!!!

One year ago today (well technically about 7:15 tonight) Hello Ladies was officially born! Weighing in at ..... well let's not go there......   :-)

Before we start all the fun, I want to offically thank EVERYONE who has supported us. There are really no words to express how completely blessed we are. We have the best friends and family in the world. Every word of encouragement, pat on the back, and smile has kept us moving forward and striving to do better and be better! We have big goals and big dreams, and with your continued love (and God, of course), we can accomplish all of them and more. 
- Thank You -

So let the fun begin. Here is how the day is going to unfold.....hopefully. I (mandy) will pretty much be at or near the computer all day, until around 5 pm, when I have to leave for a church event. From there, I believe Krystle is going to take over until I get back. Feel free to ask questions, chat it up, be silly, sing happy birthday..... just have a fun day with us (I will also have my chat open on facebook, so feel free to become my friend and say hello!). Again: this is an ALL DAY event, so keep checking back, there are at least 5 giveaways for you to enter, so don't miss a minute.

The GIVEAWAYS will be going on throughout the day, we will follow the normal blog giveaway rules of - leave a comment and you are entered (if you can't leave a comment or don't know how, just find us on facebook and leave us a comment on our page, we will count it), if you want extra points, just blog-FB-tweet it and then leave us a link, there will be one giveaway strictly for our facebook fans, so if you are not our should become one. We'll close all the giveaways tomorrow morning (to give our oversees buddies a chance) and we will pick all the winners tomorrow, and let you know in one super fun post.


PS - thanks for coming to our party, hope you have a blast!


righteousnessbyfaith said...

happy birthday ladies!!!! :)

Megan V said...

Happy 1st Birthday!!! The first birthday is the best birthday :) congrats!

iheartsmiles said...

Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY ladies!!! Such an inspiration!!! LUV YA

tennille said...

happy bitrhday you guys love yall

ale said...

happy b'day!

Krista Eitsert said...

exciting! Happy Birthday!

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