There is one thing every lady has in common...PURSES!

If you know me, you know i am a purse fanatic! I change purses about every week or week 1/2! (sometimes I make my purse match my outfit!) So, I want to make this blog about purses. I found some super duper cute pictures of some pretty awesome purses. (that's a lot of ajectives)

one of my favorites!

Underpants purse! "Do you have any gum?" "Here, let me check my underwear!" hahaha

For Krystle!

A little fancy! I like it!
So cuuuute! So, wheather you carry a suitcase or a handpurse i think most ladies will agree...a CUTE purse is a GOOOOOOD thing. :)


Krystle said... for real? record purses? aaaah

Mandy Deitering said...

that underwear purse.....tooooo funny!

lizzie said...

hahaaa so funny you post this b/c i was just changing out my purse tonite!!

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